Words About The Makaranda Method

“…different from other mental health professionals”

“There are people who come into your life at certain points and make a lasting imprint on you. Eleanor is one of those people to me. I made a decision and a commitment to myself that I wanted to be the best, whole me that I could be. I wanted to be a better mom, wife, friend, mentor and I felt like I didn't have the tools to do so on my own. Eleanor has helped guide me through the process and is so open and receptive. I truly value her empathy, expertise and dedication to her mission which is so different from other mental health professionals that I have met before. I love that the Makaranda Method focuses on four pillars  of being and helps you find a balance between mindset, movement, nutrition and nature. Eleanor is truly a beautiful soul that has a gift to share.”

— Client N.S.

“…you feel comforted to open up to yourself”

Eleanor has such a vibrancy about her that it’s hard not to feel the energy she exudes. She does not only make you feel welcome and that you can open up her, but around her, you feel comforted to open up to yourself. Some of our greatest emotions and lessons are hidden under the surface, waiting for us to find. With guidance from our great Mother Earth and Eleanor’s support, we are able to listen long enough to hear the inner workings that are so often overlooked. The Makaranda Method is a beautiful process that allows us to hear ourselves, feel for ourselves, and nurture ourselves, it plants a seed of self love and helps us mature into becoming.

Client E.F.

“…several points of self-discovery”

In my time working with Eleanor I've learned about looking at life holistically in order to take control of self happiness and how that can influence my relationship with my partner. Her approach on getting to know you doesn't feel intrusive, which I was first worried about. She helped me reach several points of self-discovery by guiding us through The Makaranda Method. It has been an experience that makes me want to change for the better not only for my relationship with my partner, but for myself.

— Client M.E.

“…we had a significant and noticeable change”

Before meeting Eleanor and using The Makaranda Method, my wife and I were having a hard time communicating. We were falling into a cycle that we couldn’t seem to break and even though we had been together for 6 years, we had no idea what some of our actions were causing the other to feel. Eleanor created an environment and practice that allowed us to step out of our normal approach and to slow down, listen and truly think about how the other was feeling. In the 10 weeks we spent working with Eleanor, we had a significant and noticeable change in our ability to communicate and listen to each other. Connecting ourselves with nature and having Eleanor’s holistic approach has given our relationship new life and we are now communicating in a way that we both had hoped we would. Our marriage was on the brink of ending, but The Makaranda Method saved it and has truly made our relationship stronger.

— Client K.D.