Have psychedelics changed your life?

PC : Jeff jones

PC : Jeff jones

Psychedelic Preparation & Integration

Research and clinical studies are revealing that psychedelics paired with psychotherapy is becoming one of the most powerful treatment modalities in existence today.

As a result of illegality, misinformation, and lack of preparation and integration support for those who do experience challenging situations when using psychedelics, a significant amount of fear surrounding this topic still remains.

One-on-one and Group Work

Eleanor works one-on-one with clients who wish to know more about how to prepare and then integrate psychedelic exploration. She also holds a monthly psychedelic integration group at The Attic at Archipeligo Clubs. This small group is designed for those who are seeking the opportunity to talk openly about how to prepare for a psychedelic experience. We then, discuss how to integrate the learnings we received into our day-world. Having a safe container to speak about what has come up for us after being in these psychedelic states, is crucial for our wellbeing and for the overall health of our communities. The intention here is promoting self-expression and self-discovery.


Eleanor is also a part of a larger network of practitioners doing similar work. Click below for more information.