Makaranda means nectar in Sanskrit.

Eleanor Hooper is a relationship therapist and the founder of The Makaranda Method. In college, Eleanor co-fascilitated a course called, “California Wilderness: Philosophy, Religion and Eco-Psychology,” with the Sierra Institute. During this nature immersion, she traveled with a group of 12 to five different wilderness areas in California, sleeping under the stars for over 60 consecutive days. The first day, everyone was asked to come up with a “trail name”.

At that time, Eleanor had been practicing yoga for a few years and was experiencing profound shifts in her life. The Science of Yoga by William J. Broad supported her understanding of how she was changing by diving into the principles and history of yoga. She learned that the first yoga journal ever published was called The Makaranda of Yoga, which translates to the “Nectar of Yoga.”

As a yoga practitioner, and a lover of honey, bees, and birds, the name Makaranda (or Maka, for short) was perfect. Over the years, Eleanor developed a deep connection to the concept of nectar and how it exists in nature’s eco-system.

Now, with a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, Eleanor is in private practice and works with clients to find their “nectar”. She works with adult individuals and couples seeking to transform their relationships and tap into the boundless flow of love and ease that is inherent within us all.

"The Makaranda Method will support you with warmth and compassion. Through our work together, I will guide you to uncover a new level of ease, comfort, and joy with the people you love the most, by addressing 4 pillars of health: mindset, movement, nutrition, & nature." - Eleanor


Eleanor has such a vibrancy about her that it’s hard not to feel the energy she exudes. Not only do you feel welcome to open up to her, you feel comforted to open up to yourself. The Makaranda Method is a beautiful process that allows us to hear ourselves, feel for ourselves, and nurture ourselves. It plants a seed of self-love and helps us mature into becoming.
— With love, Client E