What is your pricing structure?

The Makaranda Method is $2222. Pricing for other programing available upon request (once clients complete this first phase of The Method).

How is payment handled? Do you accept insurance?

We accept cash or local checks. Payment with credit card is available with an additional 5% to cover processing fees. Also, when you sign up for The Method, you will be charged in full at our first session, unless we personally discuss a payment plan. We do not accept any insurance, however, with your permission, we will write a letter to your insurance company on your behalf stating that this charge was for mental health.

How many sessions is The Method?

The Makaranda Method is comprised of ten, 90 minute sessions. We recommend the same number of sessions for couples and individuals. After these ten sessions, we can discuss in detail the other advanced programs we offer.

Can I just do one session at a time?

No, we believe one session is not enough to make a real impact. We have found that a foundation of ten sessions is crucial for the sustained growth of our clients.

Can we do a one hour session in The Method?

We can talk about this, however, we find that at the one hour mark, we are just getting to the “good stuff,” where walls are coming down, and openness is prime. Contact us directly, if you would like to discuss this as an option.

I’m not sure I’m physically capable of going on long hikes. Is this for me?

We work with people of all levels of fitness abilities and will tailor the outdoor setting and activity to your comfort level. We also work with clients virtually, so being outside together is not always an option. We do recommend that we have our sessions outside however, even if we are on the phone. After all, this is a foundational pillar of The Method.


How long is the complimentary intro connection call?

Our initial conversation will be over the phone and will last about 30 minutes.

How quickly can I get started?

After our phone call you will need to fill out a series of forms that we will provide. Once the forms are complete, we can start right away!

Do you work virtually?


What happens if the weather is bad?

We have a converted Sprinter van that serves as our mobile office. It looks like a wood cabin! This is best when being outside does not serve us for one reason or another. And sometimes, we hike in the rain or snow, other times we meet in the van! The weather can bring up a lot of content for us to work through that traditional therapy may not. We can use the elements in nature to help identify what you are experiencing internally. This is technically “acute stress training.” Acute stress training is when we intentionally put ourselves in mildly stressful environments so we train our bodies to deal with stress more effectively. It’s like a natural antibiotic. CLICK HERE to learn more about Acute Stress Training.

What is your cancelation policy?

We require 24-hours in advance to change or cancel a session, otherwise you will be billed for the session in full.