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“At The Makaranda Method™, we believe real transformation happens when we are seen as whole. Far too often, mental health professionals see their clients as broken. We created this method because we fundamentally DO NOT see people this way. We see that we are human beings... We crave to understand our minds. We have a natural inclination to move our bodies. We want to know what food makes us feel good. And at the end of the day, we know in our bones, we are one with nature.” — Eleanor Hooper


The Method : $2222



You actually DO have control over your thoughts! What are the stories you tell about yourself over and over that keep you stuck in the same place? What language do you use that also keeps you stuck there? We will work together to create powerful, positive shifts in your mindset through a custom combination of the following treatment modalities: 

• Meditation

• Attachment Based Theory

• Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

• Somatic Therapy

• Narrative Therapy



Mindful movement connects us to the vital flow of energy in our bodies and allows us to better pinpoint areas of tension and discomfort. We will integrate moving meditation into our sessions through "walk and talk" therapy in nature. This ancient practice has shown to:

• Reduce Stress

• Improve focus and attention

• Regulate the immune system

• Alleviate sleep issues



Mental and physical wellbeing starts from within. Food choices impact your energy, mood, attention, sleep cycles, skin ailments, chronic pain and so much more. Our sessions will incorporate the teachings of The Conscious Cleanse method to help you learn to support your mental health through mindful eating. We will focus on the following issues related to nutritional health:

• Emotional Eating

• Energy and mood levels

• Mental focus

• Sleep issues



The essence of the Makaranda Method is base on the therapeutic results that are achieved when harnessing the scientific health benefits found in nature. Being in wild and wide open spaces encourages our brains to relax and connect to our truest selves. Our sessions will be on the trail and in the heart to maximize the following health benefits:

• Decrease in stress hormones

• Detox from technology induced anxiety and feelings of separation

• Increased resilience and engagement in relationships

• Flexible problem solving

Once you complete The Makaranda Method, it allows for us to tap into my other packages available to you. For this, we can co-curate these offerings for your continued personal growth.