Relationship Therapy, Set in Nature.

Explore your relationship with your : Mindset, Movement, Nutrition and Nature



Join me in nature...

“I believe real transformation happens when we are seen as whole. Far too often, mental health professionals see their clients as broken. I created this method because I fundamentally DO NOT see people this way. I see that we are human beings... We crave to understand our minds. We have a natural inclination to move our bodies. We want to know what food makes us feel good. And at the end of the day, we know in our bones, we are one with nature.” — Eleanor Hooper





It all begins with our relationship to ourselves. Do you love yourself? Do you trust yourself? Let's find out.


Mind-body connection is key to emotional awareness and stability. Moving in nature strengthens that bond. 


Eating habits directly impact mental health. Learn how your relationship with food effects your personal growth. 


Nature gives us infinite room to breathe and the space we need to connect with our higher selves. This is the difference!



“It is only by walking that her path becomes clearer.”

~Bill Plotkin